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Diamond State Trucking began business in 1928 as Hoskins Trucking. It was owned by founder Dewel Hoskins who began his career in Malvern hauling coal with a wagon and team of mules to support his mother.

Over the years Hoskins grew the business through a fleet of dump trucks then expanded to tractors and flatbed trailers when he began hauling brick for Acme Brick Companies 3 brick plants in Malvern.

Hoskins' first major advancement came in the 1940's began interstate hauling aluminum ore and other products. In 1950 the company entered into an exclusive arrangement with the John Deere Co. to haul Deere products from Iowa to all Deere dealers in Arkansas and Louisiana. 

In 1983 Hoskins sold his business to local resident Don Allen. Mr Allen undertook a major upgrading of the company which had an aging fleet, small repair shop facilities, and a less than adequate business location. Allen purchased property on the East side of Malvern at the intersection of U.S. Highway 67 and Arkansas Highway 270. Within the past 15 years a 5-mile bypass around Malvern was constructed starting at that intersection, giving the company a direct link to Interstate 30 East and West.

By 1986 Hoskins Trucking expanded its carrier authority despite opposition from more established carriers. Customer service became a priority under Allen as well as driver safety through very stringent safety requirements. In the same year Allen instated a bonus and awards program for all employees. He also instituted a fleet replacement program whereby tractors and trailers are replaced after 4 years.

In 1984 Allen hired his youngest son Rodney to work in the repair shop. The younger Allen advanced into Human Resources, Purchasing and Safety Oversight. 

In 1994, the elder Allen sold the company to Dale Vaughn and in 2001 Rodney Allen purchased Hoskins Trucking Company from Vaughn who changed the name to Diamond States Trucking. The company now maintains a fleet of 42 new and late-model Tractors and trailers traveling over 4 million miles a year throughout the lower 48 states.

With his father, Don, running Hoskins Trucking, many working relationships were formed with major industries in the area including Reynolds and Alcoa Aluminum, Acme Brick, Willamette, Weyerhaeuser and several more. Under Rodney Allen those relationships have been strengthened and new ones added. He has doubled the company's revenues since buying it in '01 and has upgraded and/or installed the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with the best service available. He also upgraded Diamond State Trucking's pay scales.

Diamond State Trucking has a proud heritage dating back to 1928 when it began with one mule-drawn wagon that hauled coal. Today it serves the U.S. with a modem fleet of equipment.

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